Animal Control

The Lawrence County Animal Shelter is located south of Lawrenceville on the south side of the Highway Department


Lawrence County Animal Control is the county agency responsible for the enforcement of animal control laws as set forward in the Lawrence County Animal Control Ordinance and the Illinois Animal Control Act

Purposes of the agency include:


Protecting the citizens of Lawrence County from rabies by specifying such preventive and control measures as may be necessary;

Protecting animals from improper use, abuse, neglect, inhumane treatment and health hazards, particularly rabies;

Providing security to residents from annoyance, intimidation and injury from dogs and other animals

Encouraging responsible pet ownerships

Mark Chamness
10082 State Rt 1
Lawrenceville, IL 62439
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Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm (except holidays) 

Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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